Manuscript Progress

So I figured I should probably update on the progress of the real bread and butter of what I am writing, and that is a hopeful three-part book series, which will likely be collectively known as Salient, with the first book given the title of Chasing (possibly).

Originally I started writing this as a NaNoWriMo project, but did not make the word goal due to a combination of COVID-19 and a lack of motivation. A job in healthcare and laboratory science with a specialization in microbiology made for a extremely taxing time, with repercussions on my mental health and, sadly, my drive to pursue my solo creative projects.

Thanks to both an improvement in my work and a small but powerful support system cheering me on behind the scenes I am was motivated to finally finish the story. I did not continue with the manuscript from November, but took it’s skeleton and started a re-write. The premise remained the same, the most notable changes being a shift from third to first person (a big change for me but one that felt right for this story).

I don’t have much to say on it yet as I am still building it from the ground up, but I will say it is a young adult-aged book with an urban fantasy/supernatural flavour. It centers around a young/old man named Norman, and his almost century long quest to find Elysia, a girl he was raised with who were groomed together to save the world in an epic ritual of sacrifice. Things did not go as planned back when they should have died, and now he is trying to pick up the pieces while being watched/monitored/controlled by his mysterious masters, the Coterie. Add in a town in severe danger of being swallowed by an evil portal/hellhole to a dark dimension, and you get the idea.

Progress has been slow but encouraging. I hope to have a first draft complete by Halloween and will be using this space to sort of hold me accountable so I don’t go sideways and abandon this again. My self confidence in my writing is a never ending battle, but I hope to prove myself wrong about my thoughts with Norman and his crew.