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So one of the main things I want to use this for his accountability with my health.

My weight, and getting healthy, has been a life long struggle that is so close to the core of so many of my issues in my life. Low self-esteem has haunted me, nipping at my heels since forever, and though I have made good progress and I will take credit for it, I need to do more.

So, January, in the cliche way, marks me ‘reboot’ to getting fit.

I have had moderate success on Weight Watchers and will be doing it again, now that I can fully admit to myself I fell totally off the wagon back in the late spring/early summer after getting very ill, and kept finding excuses for why I was never 100% committed again. My exercise also went down the tubes at the same time, and when that goes, everything goes. PCOS plays a role in my struggle with weight, but I certainly haven’t been holding up my end of the bargain.

I plan on here to talk about what I am doing wrong, what I have been doing right, and posting up recipes and routines that are helping me along.

So, today I set the goal that in 6 months time, I will be down 30 pounds. By the end of the year, I would like to be 199 pounds.




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